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Both Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii will both offer motion sensors of varying complexity. This is something Xbox 360 will not have as it was launched so much sooner than the rest and a support will not be added later on as with the HD DVD support, but the reason for this is not just hardware-related but also becuase that Gates and crew simply doesn’t believe in the concept yet. They believe there is still a lot to learn and that the future is sooner with online gaming (read Xbox Live!).

I still have small scar on my forehead from when my younger brother smacked me with a  NES controller when trying to make his guy run faster and the fact that it is perhaps not always easy trying to keep the controller steady seems like a pretty good reason to wait. Of course, this is a statement made by Gates to try and bring the focus away from the hype, but he has a good point even though there seem to be some concern.


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