Small preview imageGeForce 7900 GT seems to be real good value for money for enthusiasts who feel that NVIDIA and ATI’s flagship models cost too much. During our preview of GeForce 7900 GTX we walked through the 90nm manufacturing process and how NVIDIA had optimized the 7900-chips by removing ”unnecessary” transistors, which has led to both lower power consumption and heat dissipation. This comes with the 7900 series great overclockability, without need for huge coolers, something which VR-Zone has now proven in an article. They’ve pushed a 7900 GT to almost sick levels, with just an old, although not small, CPU cooler. From original 450/1320MHz, the poor card got pushed all the way to an unbelievable 800/2126MHz, on the earlier mentioned air-cooling.

It’s a percentual increase of almost 80%, on air! Some clear proof on what the G71-architecture is capable of with some increased voltage on the core and some serious cooling. Air cooling, that is. At these frequencies, the card showed some 50% (!) better performance in games such as Quake 4 and FEAR, something that should draw more than just a few enthusiasts attention.

Today, a 7900 GT card is available for about 320$, and that comes with huge potential for those who are willing to work a little extra for it.

:: Read the entire article at VR-Zone


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