GeForce 8600 will according to VR-Zone be launched April 17 and appear in several shapes and nuances together with its sibling GeForce 8500. 8600GTS will be the top model of this series with a 700MHz core, 256MB memory at 2GHz and a 128-bit memory bus. The price will according to the source be about $200. 8600GT will in turn be clocked at 600MHz/1.4GHz. The price of the slower version will be about $150. Both of these are based on the G84 core and so is 8500GT, but it has been stripped down a bit (and is then referred to as G86) to fit its segment better; 450MHz core and a 256MB memory at 800MHz and will cost below $100. All cards are available with HDCP, but all except 8600GTS can also be bought without the HDCP support.


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