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GeForce 8600GTS is based on NVIDIA’s new G84 core which together with the G86 will broaden the DirectX 10 market, today we only have cards in the high-end segment. GeForce 8600GTS will be one of the more affordable cards that will arrive sporting DX10 and it seems that this card is a real rough diamond which through the skills of enthusiasts and overclockers can become a real jewel. At VR-Zone they’ve namely gotten a hold of a 8600GTS reference card from NVIDIA and with some voltage modifications they’ve been able to push the core to some very impressive heights.

Using just air cooling, although a bit overdimensioned, they managed to push the GeForce 8600GTS graphics circuit to over 1.0GHz. A mighty achievement by a reference card and a final overclock at 1006MHz core, 1265MHz memory is a pretty significant improvement of the stock frequency at 745MHz/1145MHz.

We’re excited to see how GeForce 8600GTS performs in comparison to today’s mid-range cards and at the same time it’s good to know that there are plenty of room for improvements. The entire article about the overclocking of GeForce 8600GTS can be found at VR-Zone.



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