GeForce GTX 460 looks to be the next card from NVIDIA. The first two haven’t exactly been easy to get a hold of, but rumors are still persistent that NVIDIA will launch another card in June. GeForce GTX 460 may be the new entry model of the Fermi family, but both performance and price are expected to be relatively high. The card is expected to compete with Radeon HD 5830 and get 384 CUDA cores and 1024MB GDDR5 memory.

GeForce GTX 460 is expected to be presented at Computex in Taiwan, June 1-5th, and according to Hardware-infos the specs are as follows;

GTX 460 GTX 470 GTX 480
Code name GF100 GF100 GF100
Shaders 384 448 480
TMUs 48 56 60
ROPs 32 40 48
Memory 1024 MB 1280 MB 1536 MB
Memory interface
256 Bit GDDR5 320 Bit GDDR5 384 Bit GDDR5

NVIDIA can hopefully make use of more GF100 dies this way, seeing as not too many seems to be fully operational. Circuits that doesn’t have enough shader clusters to work as GTX 480 or GTX 470 can be used for GTX 460.

Price and benchmarks pending.

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