NVIDIA has, as we reported earlier, scheduled the launch of its new video card family the GeForce GTX 400 to the end of March. Which unfortunately means that we wont be able to report very much of the new cards from this years CeBIT event. In spite of this, the cards can still be found here and aside from press shows at NVIDIA, a few complete GeForce GTX 480 systems has found its way to the exhibitors at CeBIT. Our information tells us of five prebuilt systems in total and we’ve already run across at least one of them during the first day of the event.



In Zotac’s display booth we could see one of NVIDIA’s prebuilt systems running its new favorite demo called Rocket Sled. The computer, which was prebuilt by NVIDIA, holds one of the manufacturers new GeForce GTX 480 video cards and even though the demonstration was free for everyone, the company representatives were not too happy about our attempts of taking a photograph. Which we eventually did get anyway.



More information is to come.

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