GeForce GTX 485 is rumored to be the heir to the throne of the Nvidia Fermi family. The new top model is said to launch this fall sporting 512 healthy CUDA processors and slightly higher clock frequencies for both GPU and shaders.

The information posted by Hardware-infos is said to come from Nvidia’s chief developer Bill Dally who revealed that the new GTX485 model is planned to launch this year.

GeForce GTX 485 wil be the first Fermi card with all working processor clusters, 16, which gives it 32 CUDA processors more than the flagship GeForce GTX 480. It will also bring 20 MHz higher GPU clock and 40 MHz higher shader clock. The number of ROPs are still the same, 48, but 4 more texture units are now active.

GTX 465 GTX 470 GTX 480 GTX 485
Architecture GF100 GF100 GF100 GF100
GPU-frequency 607 MHz 607 MHz 700 MHz 720 MHz
Shader frequency 1215 MHz 1215 MHz 1401 MHz 1440 MHz
Memory frequency 802 MHz 837 MHz 924 MHz 924 MHz
CUDA processors 352 448 480 512
Theoretic perf. 855 Gigaflops 1089 Gigaflops 1345 Gigaflops 1475 Gigaflops
Texture units 44 56 60 64
Texture fillrate 26.708 MT/s 33.392 MT/s 42.000 MT/s 46.080 MT/s
ROPs 32 40 48 48
Pixel fillrate 19.424 MP/s 24.280 MP/s 33.600 MP/s 34.560 MP/s
Memory buffer 1024 MiB 1280 MiB 1536 MiB 1536 MiB
Memory interface 256 Bit GDDR5 320 Bit GDDR5 384 Bit GDDR5 384 Bit GDDR5
Memory bandwidth 102.7 GB/s 133.9 GB/s 177.4 GB/s 177.4 GB/s

This is in no way an official statement by Nvidia and should be considered with a pinch of salt for the time being, but it would be nice if Nvidia and TSMC finally got the 40nm circuit under control and be able to raise the bar a bit. While on a positive note, the new cooler is said to be more efficient and quieter. The price will be a couple of tens higher than the introduction price of GTX 480. 

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480


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