The launch of NVIDIA’s graphics card GeForce GTX 590, with dual GPUs, is getting closer. The big announcement is expected to happen on March 22nd with EA’s and Crytek’s launch of Crysis 2. Another picture of the monster card has appeared, while the final clocks have been set.

NVIDIA has been holding the performance specifications secret and has been sending out varying information to partners and manufacturers to minimize leaks. We have earlier revealed that GeForce GTX 590 will get clock frequencies around 600 MHz GPU and 3400 MHz memory, something VR-Zone now sats has been set to 612 MHz GPU, 1224 MHz shader and 3420 MHz memory.

GeForce GTX 590 will hide two GF110 GPUs under its huge coolers that beside from the lower clocks will be identical to GeForce GTX 580. This means 1024 CUDA cores with 512 CUDA cores per GPU. Dual 384-bit memory buses and 3GB GDDR5 memory.


GTX 590 GTX 580 HD 6990 HD 6990 OC HD 6970
GPU 2 x GF110 1 x GF110 2 x Cayman XT 2 x Cayman XT 1 x Cayman XT
GPU frequency
~ 612 MHz 772 MHz 830 MHz 880 MHz 880 MHz
Performance 2,51 TFLOPs 1.58TFLOPs 5,1 TFLOPS 5,4 TFLOPS 2,7 TFLOPs
Memory 3 072 MB 1 536 MB 4 096 MB 4 096 MB 2 048 MB
Memory freq.
~ 3 420 MHz 4 008 MHz 5 000 MHz 5 000 MHz 5 000 MHz

The cooler is a pretty sturdy piece and as the picture reveals NVIDIA has placed big fan in the middle, which should result in decent levels of noise. The card is around 28 centimeter long and draws power from 8-pin PCIe connectors.

We have received good indications for how the card may perform, but with slightly higher frequencies and optimized drivers it could become a tough battle between it and AMD Radeon HD 6990.



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