Nvidia will launch the next member of the Kepler family – GeForce GTX 660 Ti – on August 16th. One month later, on September 17th, it will be time for sibling GeForce GTX 650, which will get a cut down GPU called GK107 housing 384 CUDA cores.

Nvidia’s new mid-range card has now been detailed by Turkish Donanimhaber that claims the graphics card will be the first to use the new GK107 GPU. The big difference from GK104 will be less CUDA cores, and a narrower memory bus.

GeForce GTX 650 will settle for 384 CUDA cores, which can be compared to 1344 CUDA cores with big brother GeForce GTX 660 Ti, which will be in stores in two weeks. Also the memory bus is limited to 128-bit and connects to 1 GB GDDR5 memory.

If the initial information from Donanimhaber turns out to be true GeForce GTX 650 will be the first card in the Kepler family that will not target performance users. Exactly what kind of performance the limited amount of CUDA cores and narrow memory bus will deliver is highly dependent on the frequencies, but with 28 nanometer technology and Nvidia’s efficient Kepler architecture it should be very friendly on the electric bill. GeForce GTX 650 will most likely replace GeForce GTX 550 Ti, which is already being phased out.

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