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GeIL and A-DATA are two of the memory manfuacturers that have taken the time to display the next generation memory på Computex in the form of DDR3 memory. Both manufacturers have DDR3 modules at their booths specified at mighty fine DDR3-1333 speeds, which can be compared to the ~1000MHz speeds the fastest DDR2 modules are specified at. The latencies with the DDR3 modules are not very impressive though and even if neither A-DATA nor GeIL released any specific settings they will use CL7 latencies, while CL5 will be pretty aggressive with DDR3 when it is launched. the launch date for DDR3 is yet to be decided and is of course controlled by AMD and Intel and when they feel like to adopt the new memory technology.

Picture taken from TechPowerUp!

Picture taken from TechPowerUp!


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