Memory maker GeIL has been in the rough lately, the competition has been hard. During CeBIT 2010 the company decided to unveil its latest venture, power supplies. To our great surprise this wasn’t just a new rebranding franchise where OEM power supplies have new stickers slapped on them, but all new and in-house designed power supplies, branded Thortech.

The venture spawns from the new product manager that previously worked with developing industry power supplies and with the help of some experienced engineers Thortech has revealed its first power supply lineup, Thunderbolt.


Thortech sets the bar up high both for efficiency and performance. It is planning models rated up to 1400W and all Thunderbolt power supplies will ship with 80 Plus Gold certifications. Thortech has even created its own ”unofficial” certification 90 Plus Gold. A cocky way of marketing its new power supplies that is expected to appear soon.




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