Super Overclock is Gigabyte’s family of graphics cards with rich PCBs for more stable power supply and higher overclocking potential. The graphics cards usually ship with considerably higher frequencies from factory and the new GTX 570 is no exception.

The new graphics card Gigabyte GTX 570 Super Overclock has the less flattering product name GV-N570SO-13I and is based on NVIDIA’s GF110 GPU with Gigabyte CUDA cores, 32 deactived. GF110 is best known for its heat and therefore comes with Gigabyte’s Windforce 3X cooler with steam chamber and copper heatpipes for more acceptable temperatures and more room for overclocking.


The graphics circuit is pushed to 845 MHz (732 MHz stock) while the shaders land at 1690 MHz (1464 MHz stock) and the memory frequency has been untouched at 3800 MHz. The card comes with 1280 MB GDDR5 memory, and the circuit board is Gigabyte’s own Ultra Durable VGA+ sporting Proadlizer capacitors, solid state capacitors sharing space with powerful MOSFETs in the 14 phase power circuitry.

Like other graphics cards of the Super Overclock series the GPU is hand-picked to ship with these frequencies from factory and enable the end user to overclock as much as possible. Price and availability was not mentioned, but considering Gigabyte has listed the card on its website it should not take long before we know.

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