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Gigabyte GV-RX16T256V-RH is the name of a graphic card that Gigabyte has just released. The card is based on ATI’s Radeon X1600 circuit and what makes Gigabyte’s card different from aother is among others that it follows EU’s RoHS guidelines, but the perhaps most interesting for us consumers is that the card is cooled by a completely passive cooler. Gigabyte has namely developed a new type of cooling called Silent-Pipe II. The new cooler will according to Gigabyte offer lower temperatures than many other manufacturer’s active solutions at regular use. The cooler will of course not have any problems with keeping the card at acceptable temperatures during load.

Simply a completely silent graphic card and considering ATI’s march with AVIVO leading them this noise-free X1600 card seems like a perfect choice for HTPCs. We haven’t received any information regarding the price of Gigabyte’s new X1600 card though.

Source: Gigabyte


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