We reported earlier that that other information suggested Gigabyte would scrap P67 and only use Intel’s new Z68 chipset. Gigabyte now denies this rumors and says that it will continue to ship P67 motherboard, but intend to work aggressively with Z68.

By the end of last week we heard Gigabyte was shipping is last P67 motherboards and instead it would use Z68 as a complement, to make the new chipset the replacement. Gigabyte has officially denied this and says the information is simply wrong and has no foundation.

Gigabyte will keep manufacturing certain P67 boards up until the end of 2011, while H67 is expected to be around good into 2012. While Gigabyte has chosen not to scrap P67 in favor of Z68 it looks like the number of models will be reduced.

Source: Gigabytedaily

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