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Gigabyte has launched three new cards based on NVIDIAs new mid-range circuits. First we have GIGABYTE GV-NX86S256H, which is a 8600GTS using Silent-Pipe 3 tehcnology for completely passive cooling. GV-NX86T256D is based on the 8600GT circuit and Silent-Pipe II, which is also completely passive. Last but not least GigaByte has launched GV-NX85T256H, which is a 8500GT card that also uses completely passive cooling. We say yesterday that ASUS had specified the speed of the 8600GTS GPU to 675MHz and the memory to 2GHz, but for some reason Gigabyte hasn’t specified the frequencies of any of its new cards. It’s heatpipe technology is known for its capabilities of keeping rather hot circuits cool so that shouldn’t be a problem, but we can’t tell for sure this time. Anyway, below we’ve gathered some pictures of the new cards.

As you can see on the boxes there are also some freebies in the form of some actually quite good games.

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