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The browser war continues and the next move comes from Google which has released the new beta of Chrome. Chrome 2.0 Beta will most of all be faster than previous versions, 25% faster in Google’s own V8 test and 35% faster in Sunspider’s JavaScript benchmark, compared to the current stable version of Chrome. Compared to the original beta Chrome 2.0 Beta is nearly twice as fast. Google also took the time to improve the features of the browser, among others a fullscreen zoom and automatic scrolling that comes from the new version of WebKit.

Google has also added a new function for dragging tabs out of the browser. I.e. you can drag a tab and create a new window side to side with the original window. Google has posted demonstration video of this at the official blog.

Google is continuing to improve its browser and product manager Brian Rakowski had the following to say about Google’s beta program;

”Getting on the beta channel means your version of Google Chrome will regularly get updated with new speed enhancements, features, and bug fixes before most users see them. We’re doing our best to quickly churn out new features as they are available rather than saving them up for occasional major releases.”



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