The classic First Person Shooters Quake and Doom have many followers and can be found on almost any platform. Google decided that we needed one more and ported the Quake II engine .. to run in browsers. Google has been playing with the new HTML5 format and made a port that runs in an up to date browser. The project started by Google engineers, on their spare time, is based on the earlier Jake2 Java port of Quake II engine that was compiled to JavaScript through Google Web Toolkit.

The Google ported version of the Quake II engine use HTML5 audio and WebGL graphics rendering. Google has published the port for download, but you need developer versions of Safari or Chrome to run it.

Those who want to see the delight in action can watch the YouTube video below, which we sincerely hope is not an April fool’s joke (Otherwise they owe us to fix this). Thirty frames per second in Quake II running in your browser sounds almost too good to be true.

{youtube width=”560″ height=”340″}fyfu4OwjUEI{/youtube}

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