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Hitachi has designed a pretty exciting cooling system for HP’s workstation xw9400/CT. The computer system uses dual Opteron 2220 processors working at 2.8GHz each, which all in all is a lot of heat to deal with. HP wanted to get control of this while keeping the noise at a minimum and this is where Hitachi’s specially designed water cooling comes in. It has designed a completely integrated solution which is dedicated to HP’s workstation and to get rid of any complicated maintenance it has been designed to withstand up to 5 years of use with out service.

”Takeshi Nakagawa of Hitachi, Ltd. designed the dual CPU watercooling thermal solution. Fluid passes through one CPU water block to the next, and is capable of handling 240W of heat (2 x 120W).”

We wouldn’t mind seeing similar systems that are both easy to install and maintain on the retail market, alas Hitachi’s will not work with any other cases or motherboards with a different layout, but with a decent cooling capacity and a noise level of only 26dB it’s pretty obvious that water cooling has it advantages when it comes to cooling workstations.

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