Hitachi has presented its next mobile 4.5″ IPS display that has circulated the rumor mill since February. Besides lots of space Hitachi’s latest creation offers a market leading resolution, 720 x 1280 pixels, and an improved 3D technology with no need for glasses.

Hitachi was one of the first screen manufacturers to adapt the new parallax barrier technology for creating 3D effects on mobile monitors without glasses. With the new 4.5″ IPS panel Hitachi has developed a new 3D technology it calls crystal lens technology. A technology used with some of the more expensive 3D-TVs. The technology will unlike parallax barrier bring better brightness when playing 3D video, where the previous 3D technology almost halved the brightness when 3D was activated.

THis was something we noticed quite clearly when trying LG Optimus 3D. Hitachi even promises higher brightness during 3D than regular 2D mode, 470 cd/m2 for 3D and 400 cd/m2 for 2D.

Besides a new and more efficient 3D technology the panel also brings higher resolutions than we’re accustomed to. At 720 x 1280 pixels the screen has a pixel density of 329 ppi, which shouldn’t just bring sharper 2D images, but also noticeably better 3D quality.

It was not revealed when Hitachi’s new 4.5″ display will appear in products, but we can always hope it is soon.

Loose translation; The new 3D technology allows more light to pass through.

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