Hitachi is one of few harddrive makers that hasn’t really established itself on the SSD market, but at least now the company has presented its first devices targeting the business segment. The 2.5″ drives use either SAS or fibre interfaces.

Hitachi hasn’t revealed any details on the new line of SSDs, but according to The Register the company will use SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or FCAL (Fibre-Channel Arbitrated Loop) interfaces for communicating in servers and greater storage solutions.

Hitachi has not revealed whether it will use single-layer cell (SLC) or the cheaper but slower multi-level cell (MLC) NAND technology, but with focus on businesses SLC sounds like the given choice.


The new SSDs are expected to start shipping this year, but it was not revealed exactly when. At the same time we await news of any plans to go into retail.


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