HP’s memristor is a technology that many hope will replace DRAM and NANd as it has properties from both. HP now says that the memristor also has extremely high durability compared to both DRAM and NAND since it has managed to write data to memory circuits over a billion times.

Memristor is a technology from HP that has the potential to really change the entire industry since it can get the same density as NAND memory in SSDs and USB sticks, and the same speeds as DRAM. The advantages are obvious, NAND is currently clocked at around 166MHz in regular DDR speeds, which in theory makes HP’s technology a huge leap.


The memristor is still a couple of years into the future, but in HP’s lab tests are going on where it has written data to a memristor over a billion times, which can be compared to current MLC-based memories at 25nm that breaks after 5000 writes.

HP is working together with Korean memory company Hynix to make the memristor reality, but like we said we are a number of years into the future before it is in any retail products.

Source: SemiAccurate

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