Small preview imageQualcomm’s Snapdragon processor is one of the hottest smartphone processors at the moment, with clock frequencies up to 1GHz it provides quite astonishing performance in a mobile phone format. The first phone to use Snapdragon at its maximal clock frequency is HTC HD2, which overall has one of the most impressive hardware platform on the mobile phone market.

With 1GHz CPU and 4.3″ display it is starting to look like a handheld computer, which is why it is even more interesting to see what hides inside the phone.

At XDA-developers they decided to take matters into action. It opened the phone and dissected it down to its smallest components, not the least the powerful ARM Snapdragon processor.

It’s quite impressive the power found in our mobile phones, and this is just phase one as dual-core ARM processors should be coming as early as next year.


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