Doom is the ancestor to all modern first person shooters and came in the era when 3D graphics was still unexplored. The game has become a favorite for emulators and less powerful systems, e.g. smartphones and such, but is now also available in our browsers. The game has been ported to HTML5 and JavaScript.

The browser version of Doom will be compatible with Firefox and Safari and has appeared on the developer website at Mozilla. The port of the game loads in your browser window at 600×400 pixel resolution and you control the game through the regular arrow keys and fire with Ctrl. the audio was slightly delayed in our tests with Firefox 4.0.1, but 56 open tabs might be the problem.


An interesting tech dmoe that if nothing else show what HTML5 and JavaScript can do, and at the same time we get a flashback of how far game development has come over the last 15 years.

The game can be tested at and all you need is the latest versions of Safari or Firefox. Those who want to optimize or tailor the game can download the source code at 1.9 MB.

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