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Hynix has been growing like crazy lately, and has now become the first manufacturer to have its DDR3 memory modules certified by Intel and its coming DDR3 platform. Hynix’ first DDR3 memory modules are specified at 800MHz and 1066MHz, and an operating voltage at 1.5V. The certified memory modules are available with 1GB or 2GB capacity. The 800MHz modules have 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 latencies and the DDR3-1066 modules have 7-7-7 latencies.

The DDR3 technology will be able to reach considerably higher frequencies than today’s DDR2 circuits, but at the same time the most important is the lower power consumpti. Hynix claims that the DDR3 technology has a 25% lower power consumption compared to the DDR2 circuits we have today.

”Mass production of the 1Gb DDR3 on the 80nm line will begin in the third quarter of this year. Hynix plans to manufacture the product on the new 66nm process beginning in late 2007.”


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