Tablets are almost everywhere now. Microsoft is working on Windows 8 to make it more tablet friendly and support ARM-based SoCs. Even though there will be ARM support, it will work with Intel as it the latter will release its new platform at the same time as Windows 8.

Beside the Cedarview platform we know of two circuits rated 3.5W and 6.5W, and a new platform called Cloverview. We lack specifics on Cloverview, but it will be built on 32nm and rated 3W TDP. Also the chipset, or more precise the southbridge will be very efficient, since the one on Cedar Trail will be well under 1W TDP.

According to Bill Kircos at Intel, Cloverview will bre released just before or at the same time as Windows 8. Cloverview will primarily be for tablets with its low power consumption. Bill Kircos says the platform may appear in other units as well, e.g. netbooks, and ”slider-hybrid-units” like tablets with extendable keyboards.

Considering the low power consumption it doesn’t sound too unlikely that Cloverview will be Intel’s first real counter against ARM as the latter attempts to get into PCs with Microsoft.

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