Intel has now confirmed what we already knew. The new Haswell architecture will launch on June 4th at Computex in Taiwan. Intel has shared an image that informs us that the fourth generation Core processors will arrive in 3,337,200,000,000,000 nano seconds.

The image was published at the official Intel blog at 08.00 on April 26th, and that gives us June 4th (local time in Taiwan). Most details surrounding Intel Haswell is already known and only a few weeks ago the first extensive benchmarks arrived. These confirmed that the CPU performance of Haswell will bring an overall increase of 5-10 percent, and that the graphics cores have been tweaked in the desktop models.

The biggest news comes in the mobile chips, where we will get considerably more powerful graphics cores, more processor models with lower energy consumption and a promise of overall better battery times in, not the least, ultrabooks.


On June 4th Intel will share all details surrounding the new processor series, when we will also be able to share benchmarks and final information on the new circuits.

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