Intel’s next generation processorer ”Ivy Bridge” that builds on the new 22 node will launch on April 8th, but the volume shipments to partners will take until June. The reason is that both Intel and partners still have large stock of Sandy Bridge processors.

The weak world economy have made the electronics market quite turbulent, and no analysis is definitive. Notebooks manufacturers have a hard time selling off their Sandy Bridge computers, which has resulted in large surplus stock, DigiTimes reports. In turn this has lead to large stock at Intel.

The Ivy Bridge processors will still launch at the same time as before, which means April 8th for retail. It will take some time before there will be any Ivy Bridge systems on the shelves, both desktop and notebook. Partners did not need to make any major adjustments to their schedules, since most were planning the next wave of computers to arrive with Windows 8.

It seems more is stocked up before the end of the year, where Windows 8 is in focus. The industry has high hopes for the new operating system and makes up its plans accordingly. We have hope that new Ultrabooks will arrive before Windows 8 though.

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