The same company that blames the harddrive shortage for its lowered expectations believes it will help them selling SSDs and make them more consumer friendly.

During a dinner NordicHardware attended Intel took the chance to discuss the year that has passed, and mention briefly what we could expect in 2012. It discussed the launch of both Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E, where it has seen a boost in sales over last year – according to Intel an obvious proof for that the PC market is not dying. It also discussed its entry on the smartphone market and the new Ivy Bridge processors that builds on the ”revolutionizing” 22nm technology with 3D transistors.

The year is not ending in a way Intel would have liked. We are talking about the floods in Thailand that paralyzed the harddrive industry, prices blew skyhigh and talk about stock running out, but also that PC sales would be affected, something Intel has felt already. The consequences are expected to remain far into next year, and the market is not expected to stabilize until 2013.


IMFT-20nm_dieIntel’s latest 128 Gb NAND circuits built on 20nm

Intel sees this as an opportunity for a wder retail adaption of SSDs. A SSD comes with a price premium, but when the hardrives runs out the companies have two choices: stop making and selling computers or bring forth alternatives with a SSD. It is mainly in notebooks where the SSD adaption can become much more prominent, but it was said that Intel sold out everything it could produce [SSD], so the question is where the companies would get their SSDs if Intel is running out?


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