Intel is moving along like nothing can stop it and even if AMD has given up on the fight in the high-end segment, the processor processor giant will continue with its Tick-Tock strategy. Recently uncovered roadmaps show Haswell appearing in March-June 2013.

Haswell will be Intel’s first new microarchitecture since the introduction of Sandy Bridge last year and will be made with 22 nanometer technology, which the company plans to introduce April 8th with Ivy Bridge. It follows Intel’s classic Tick-Tock strategy where it launches a new processor family every year,, and a new architecture evey other year. Haswell is a new microarchitecture with a tested manufacturing technology is considered a Tock in the launch schedule. A scheule that has leaked.

Haswell is expected to bring a more powerful graphics circuit and better IPC with the CPU, new instructions and most likely higher clock frequencies than current circuits. Among others the graphics is said to support DirectX 11.1 and OpenCL 1.2, but also triple monitors with stereoscopic 3D. Other news is a new memory controller with support for more efficient DDR3L modules.


Intel will also introduce a new platform with Haswell, socket LGA1150, which means Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge will not be comapible with the new microarchitecture. The chipsets will be part of the Intel 8 series and is developed under the code name Lynx Point.

According to the roadmap published by Donanimhaber Haswell will launch between March and June, which hints for a launch in Q2 2013. We also see that Intel will release upated Sandy Bridge-E models in 2012, and of course Ivy Bridge on April 8th.

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