Processor giant Intel have been leading the semi conductor developers for many years and have managed to launch new nodes earlier than anyone else. The company has now revealed that it will invest more than 5 billion dollar in a new fab in Chandler, Arizona. Fab 42 will be the world’s most advanced of its kind and be prepared for 14nm technology.

Intel VP Paul Otellini revealed the news for US president Barack Obama when he visited the Intel office in Hillsboro, Oregon. Intel estimated that the new fab would result in thousands of jobs during the building process and after that permanent jobs when the fab opens.

Fab 42 will use 300mm wafers for making semiconductors. The major difference from today’s fabs is that Intel will aim for future nodes from day one, as narrow as 14 nanometer, which will make it the most advanced in the world. intel will start building the fab during the Summer and is expected to be read in 2013.

“This fab will begin operations on a process that will allow us to create transistors with a minimum feature size of 14 nanometers. For Intel, manufacturing serves as the underpinning for our business and allows us to provide customers and consumers with leading-edge products in high volume. The unmatched scope and scale of our investments in manufacturing help Intel maintain industry leadership and drives innovation.”

Intel expects to make cicuits for a variety of product categories in the new fab, from high-end servers to ultraportable products.

Rendering of Intel Fab 42 in Arizona

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