There have been talk about Intel Core i7-2700K for a while now, which was thought to be the direct replacement for 2600K in price, but on launch day it seems the 100 MHz faster processor will be more expensive than 2600K. On the other hand it lower prices of three entry level models.

Intel Core i7-2700K does not bring any massive changes and has four processor cores with HyperThreading support, 8 MB L3 cache with official support for DDR3-1333. The integrated graphics circuits is the same, HD 3000 at 850 MHz that can go up to 1,35 GHz in turbo. Last but not least the processoe comes with 3.5 GHz clock frequency, and 3.9 GHz in turbo – the only real difference between 2700K and 2600K; 100 MHz.

Core i7-2600K today costs $317, while Core i7-2700K is expected to land around $332, which is a marginal difference at most, but still there. Intel usually replaces a model with the same price with a slightly faster one, in this case 2700K. Considering the reviews of AMD Bulldozer Intel probably sees no reason for why it has to launch a faster model at the same price as a slower one.

AMD is more comfortable in the lower price segment with its Llano processors and the low-price Phenom II/Athlon II. Here Core i3-2120 gets a cut from 138 to 117 dollar, Pentium G850 from 86 to 75 dollar and Pentium G630 from 75 to 64 dollar. Overall 10 to 20 dollar, which should make them fair better in the low range aganst as the affordable AMD lineup.

Source: CPU World

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