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Intel Pentium E5200 is a part of the new low-end series Pentium E5000. It spawns from the Wolfdale core, but the cache has been reduced to 2MB and the bus is set to 800MHz. The stock clock is 2.5GHz for this particular model, but there is going to be faster models in the same series up ahead. They will be placed below the Core 2 E7000 series and will replace the Pentium E2000 series as the new low-end dual-cores from Intel.

Much like the older Pentium E2000 series, this one has already been shown to overclock well, very well. Coolaler, with his fantastic ability to get a hold of preproduction samples from Intel, has once again posted overclocks that look very promising. If we are to trust the voltage readings of CPU-Z, which do look to be on the mark, he was able to overclock the 2.5GHz processor to 4.0GHz by simply raising the bus to 320MHz and the voltage from 1.2V to 1.38V.

After that he seemed to have a bit more trouble because he had to go up as high as 1.576V to get it stable at 4164MHz. That’s a bit more voltage than you would like with a 24/7 machine. All overclocking was with air cooling, but the two results were reached with two different motherboards (first ASUS P35, then MSI P45) so its hard to say if the voltage requirements may be a bit exaggerated with the second overclock, or if he really did hit a barrier there.


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