Sandy Bridge-E and LGA2011 will replace the enthusiast platform LGA1366. Earlier we have seen that Intel is planning a launch of Sandy Bridge-E in Q4, something that now seems to have been moved into the future. The processor giant will according to the latest rumors be launched at CES 2012 in January.

Intel’s new enthusiast platform will consist of the chipset Intel X79 and a number of processors based on Sandy Bridge-E should raise the performance bar substantially over LGA1366. Intel’s new Sandy Bridge-E circuits will bring higher base performance at the same clock, quad-channel DDR3 memory controller (which would be nice for AMD to acquire soon as well), and more powerful PCI Express support and other goodies.

Unfortunately it seems like Intel has decided to move up the launch of the anticipated platform and even if it is just a rumor we can’t help speculate why Intel would make such a decision. It might be because Intel would get a slow start of 2012 with CES 2012 in Las Vegas now that Ivy Bridge has been moved into Q2. Aonther reason might be that Intel wants to focus on its server chips. A third more speculative reason could be that it sees no reason to raise the bar on the enthusiast market now that AMD has postponed its Bulldozer launch.

lga2011The launch of Sandy Bridge-E was slated for Q4 2011

No matter the reason it will mean we will have to wait up to a quarter longer until we get our hands on LGA2011 and Sandy Bridge-E, which will of course disappoint many.

Source: VR-Zone

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