This year’s IDF (Intel Developer Forum) started with a focus on the coming LGA2011 processors and platforms. We have earlier reported that Intel has considered shipping Sandy Bridge-E with water cooling, and that all cooling would be sold separately. Both look to be correct since Intel has presented water cooling, that will be sold separately.

Sandy Bridge-E looks a bit like a test platform for Intel, since it will be the first in retail packaging tht will ship without cooler. Instead Intel will offer a selection in stores, or you will have to get a third-party choice. Intel DBX-B is already available from several stores.



Intel Thermal Solution RTS2011LC, product code BXRTS2011LC, will be the first water cooling from Intel, but made by Asetek. Asetek is widely known for making OEM water cooling solutions like the Corsair H series. On the whole, Intel has the design and concept, while Asetek manufactures the product.

RTS2011LCc RTS2011LCd

Contact surface and pump reminds a lot of other water cooling by Asetek

RTS2011LCe RTS2011LCf

Here the system is installed on a X79 motherboard with socket LGA2011 and it has used blue LEDs for the water cooling. Intel tells LegitReviews that there is no way to turn off the LEDs, so those who hate LEDs should look elsewhere. The cooler will not only work with LGA2011 but is also compatible with LGA1366, LGA1156 and LGA1155.

Asetek has become a giant in water cooling, and with a partner like Intel it should not take long before its solutions will become commodities. Intel’s water cooling will start shipping to distributors with the launch of Sandy Bridge-E and will cost 70-90€.

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