Intel is still the sole cruiser of the hexa-core segment, but in a week AMD will release its contribution with Phenom II X6. These processors will be considerably cheaper than Intel’s Core i7 980X Extreme Edition where the flagship Phenom II X6 T1090 Black Edition will get a price tag around $300. It seems Intel is preparing counter measures with a new hexa-core CPU, but not as cheap as most would have hoped.

Intel Core i7 970 is said to appear in a few weeks and the price will be around $800. One hundred USD cheaper than the current flagship, but still far from affordable. The prices hasn’t been verified yet and Intel usually prices the second to best processor in the $500-600 segment, but we will have to wait and see where this six-shooter will land.

It will operate at 3.2GHz, with HyperThreading and 12MB L3 cache.

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