Kingston is one of many memory makers that are starting to move from DRAM to SSDs. The company now says that lower NAND prices will bring more consumers looking to adopt an SSD in the latter half of 2012

The price of NAND memory is what is holding up the prices of SSD, but lower prices along with poor availability of harddrives will bring make users adopt to SSD technology. This is at least what Kingston believes, more are starting more from the tougher DRAM market where companies live without margins. The problem for most, is that SSDs are very expensive.

Since the floods in Thailand there is a global shortage of harddrives, which has caused prices to skyrocket. With a positive side effect that SSDs are selling better and better. Kingston says that in Q3 next year prices of harddrives and SSDs will reach a breaking point, to make consumers and bussiness really consider them. It estimates that the average price of 1 GB NAND will be about 1 dollar, and if we are to believe Seagate the harddrive market will not recover until early 2013.

Prices will drop thanks to more manufacturers of NAND moving over to 19nm processes and more advanced manufacturing technologies. Kingston expects more companies to consider SSDs, especially those who don’t have high storage requirements. We hope that Kingston is right in its analysis of the market and that SSDs will continue to drop in price next year.

Source: Digitimes

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