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LaCie har lanserat en ny enhet för multimediamarknaden som är något av en mellanhand för din TV och all lagrad media. LaCinema Classic Bridge är kapabel till att spela upp 1080p baserad video över sin HDMI-anslutning och kan strömma musik, filmer och bilder till din TV. Det finurliga med LaCinema är att enheten inte bara har plats för en egen 3.5-tums hårddisk utan även ska användas med redan befintliga lagringslösningar. Koppla upp externa lagringsenheter mot enhetens USB-port så kan man direkt styra data lagrad på dessa enheter. Mediaspelaren kostar runt 900 kronor utan hårddisk.

Läs mer om LaCinema Classic Bridge i pressmeddelandet;

LaCinema Classic Bridge: Create Your Own Media Player

– Play movies, music, and photos on any TV
– Connect via HDMI and experience 1080p upscaling
– Browse media easily with remote control and graphic interface
– Add multimedia player capability to existing storage solutions

PORTLAND, OR (April 6, 2009) – Today LaCie announced an economic way to add media player functionality to existing storage devices. LaCinema Classic Bridge enables users to leverage the investments already made on internal and external storage solutions, and turn them into dynamic multimedia devices. Simply connect the Classic Bridge to a desired TV, add a storage device, and play libraries of movies, music, and photos in flawless 1080p HD resolution. 

The attractive and compact LaCinema Classic Bridge fits seamlessly into entertainment centers, and enables two options for adding storage. Option one allows users to connect an external USB drive to the front of the device for easy access to their multimedia content. Option two allows users to easily insert an internal hard disk directly into the device for a clean, fully integrated set-up, just like the LaCinema Classic. Users may also choose to implement both options for expanded capacity. 

“There is no question the need for digital storage has become essential in the home. However, most storage solutions do not offer users an easy way to interface with their valued content,” said Patrick Salin, Multimedia Business Unit Manager, LaCie. “Now, with the LaCinema Classic Bridge, users can take their storage solutions and transform them into fully-functional multimedia players, allowing them to conveniently browse and play content from within their entertainment set-up, without thinking twice.” 

With the help of an easy-to-use remote control and intuitive navigation menu, users can easily browse a centralized media library to select and play their favorite media. Content can be viewed by file category through a simple graphic selection, or users may view all multimedia by clicking the folder icon. 

Built with the same features and functionality as the LaCinema Classic, the LaCinema Bridge works with numerous video, music, and photo formats, including MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG as well as HD-JPEG for superior viewing of images over HDMI output. An HDMI cable is included. 

LaCinema Classic Bridge is DivX-certified so customers can watch DivX transcoded videos with high quality and resolution. For users seeking optimal performance, LaCie has posted a complete listing of recommended HDD’s, 

LaCinema Classic Bridge is available now and retails for $99. LaCie products are available through the LaCie Online Store or LaCie Resellers. For more information, visit 

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