Lenovo is best known for the ThinkPad series, but has broadened since it became a more independent company and offer many other kinds of computers. Lenovo is expected to announce an Ultrabook and 7″ android tablet in the coming weeks and decides to talk about how the two are very much alike.

Lenovos Ultrabook will be named IdeaPad U300S and looks a lot like IdeaPad U260 that was released back in November. It was not classed an Ultrabook then and slipped under the radars back at Computex in May. The positive is that there is a video with the computer from the event.

As mentioned before it looks a lot like the 0.7″ thick IdeaPad U260 and will keep within the frames Intel has set up for an Ultrabook. Lenovo’s Rory Read (soon AMD VP) says that the new Ultrabook will sport a price for the major mainstream market, unlike previous models that was in the more expensive premium segment. Endpoint Technologies also says that the Ultrabook and tablet falls into the same cateogy, which was the very idea from Intel.

””The Ultrabook, like the tablet, is a legitimate member of the high-mobility class of devices /…/ So, it’s a very portable device that comes in a very useful form factor, ” says Roger Kay at Endpoint Technologies.

Besides from having an Ultrabook coming, Lenovo has a tablet on the way. It is the 7″ IdeaPad A1 that is different from the earelir Lenovo models we might have mentioned. When these will arrive is not certain, but it looks like we will see them in Q4.

Source: CNET


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