LG has been working hard on its stereoscopic 3D technology and it has now managed to broaden the use for the new technology. LG Dual-View use the passive 3D technology Cinema 3D that instead of showing two different images for your respective eyes – resulting in 3D – it shows two separate images for two different viewers, in an advanced ”split screen” function.

LG has developed the Dual-View technology together with Microsoft and not surprisingly it will only be available with selected products. Microsoft’s video game console Xbox 360 is the only gaming platform that supports the technology today and at the same time you need a 3DTV with LG’s Cinema 3D technology. Thus there will be no dual-view gaming on plasma-TV right now – the passive Cinema 3D technology only works with LCD panels. Last but not least the Xbox 360 games also has to be compatible with the technology.

LG Dual-View can show two seperate full screen images on your TV using two pairs of special glasses for two gamers, which means you will get twice the actual size instead of using so called ”split-screen” where the picture is split into two, or more, parts.


Another advantage is that you can’t peak on your opponents image. The passive glasses are specially adjusted to just show one of the two pictures.

Dual-view can be considered a reply to Sony’s 24″ Playstation 3D TV that through active 3D technology that supports a similar dual-view function. LG Dual-view will be available with several different 3DTVs in the future, where it is planning one 47″ and one 55″ model. The prices are a bit high though, at 3,000€ and 4,000€.

Source: TheTelegraph via Engadget

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