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LG Electronics is one of the manufacturers that have chosen to follow Plextor and launch a DVD burner capable of 18x speed for DVD-media. Earlier 16x speed was the fastest media and burners available, but now faster versions are coming. We’ve already heard that Lite-On is planning a DVD burner sporting 20x speed in 2006 but now LG seems to go for a quick launch of its Super Mutli GSA-H22N burner, capable of 18x speed. LG will first of all push its new burners in Taiwan where it will try to grab 20% of the DVD burner market, which is twice of what it has today; 10%.

This will be possible by aiming for the broad mainstream market with the new 18x burner. It has no plans to follow Lite-On and launch a 20x burner though. It announced that it will also launch a SATA DVD burner at the end of the year, or start of the next. Something we’re really looking forward to as the PATA interface has been around a bit too long.

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