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LG Electronics seems to be just as Samsung aiming for a DVD player with support for both of the next generation optical formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray. LG was to begin with a Blu-ray follower but has with time also decided to follow the HD DVD format, the last we heard from LG was that it had stopped the plans for launching its Blu-ray player BD199 and already spoke of a combo unit with support for both formats. Now it has officially announced that it is aiming for developing a dual format player.

”LG is a supporter of Blu-ray and is now considering a dual format player for later this year,” said John Taylor, a U.S. spokesman for the Korean company.

If we’re about to see two rivaling formats for a long time a dual format player seems like a good choice, we can only hope that the price will not be too high.

Source: CDR info

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