LG has revealed working on a new monitor for retail and the 23″ IPS panel will bring support for 240Hz. Beside an extremely flicker-free picture this could also improve image quality when playing stereoscopic 3D.

LG claims that a 120Hz panel can use a fast blinking backlight to create extremely high update frequencies. With 8ms response time fast movements shouldn’t be a problem. Other than that the monitor will enjoy the regular advantages of the In-Plane Switching technology, including good color reproduction and viewing angles.

“This product was designed to meet expectations of consumers who are already used to superior picture quality and high motion picture response time. LG Display will continue with efforts to introduce products that deliver new value to our customers and consumers.”

LG claims that this is the first time anyone has taken 240Hz technology into mass production with a 23″ panel, but when the first monitors will appear is still uncertain. So is the resolution.


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