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Currently it’s mainly Blu-ray and HD DVD people are talking about when it comes to optical storage media but if the high prices of the new blue-laser formats sticks the upcoming years the DVD format will hardly be phased out. Therefore the development of the DVD format continues and now Lite-On has kept its promise and launched a DVD burner at 20X speed. Already in August we received the first indications about Lite-On’s 20X burner and now Lite-On has launched it. Lite-On is aiming for the retail market with its two new models, Lite-On LH-20A1P and LH-20A1H.

Even if the differences are almost none in actual write speed between an 18X and a 20X DVD burner it’s a nice PR stunt for Lite-On, which doesn’t expect any competition on the 20X DVD market until next year.

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