LSI has now announced that it is going all in for the business market for SSDs with the launch of its WarpDrive SLP-300. The card uses the PCIe x8 interface and sport some scary specifications, like 240,000 IOPS at random read of small files.

LSI uses an internal RAID configuration with its own LSISAS2008 circuit that also supports SAS 6.0 Gbps. WarpDrive is bootable and specifies to read and write speeds of 1,400 MB/s and 1,200 MB/s respectively. Most impressive is the IOPS. At read of sequential 4K files the unit reaches 240,000 IOPS, which drops a bit to 200,000 IOPS during write tests of the same files.

”Utilizing two WarpDrive cards combined with Exar’s BitWackr solution, we measured an aggregate performance of 1,028 MB/second, which is almost twice the speed we were able to achieve with other PCIe-based flash products,” commented Bob Farkaly at Exar

Together with 50 microsecond access times, performance will be equal to 400 regular mechanical drives. This will consume about 300 times as much power, WarpDrive SLP-300 will not consume more than 25 watt. The storage capacity is 300GB.


The price is as impressive as performance, around 10,000€.



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