Microsoft has according to unconfirmed sources told developers to stop refering to the term ”Metro” in their Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 applications. There are rumors that the term ”Metro” is already registered with a German company and Microsoft has decided to stop using it from now on.

Metro has been Microsoft’s code-name for the new touch-friendly interface that will be common with all of its products; from Windows 8 to new Office and Xbox360. A leaked internal message from Microsoft tells employees to stop refering to the term Metro at once. Microsoft will present the new term that will replace Metro soon and until then it will be refered to as ”New User Interface” or ”Windows 8-style UI”. 

Xbox-Video-1Metro interface is built up by bricks and designed for touch screens.

This is nothing but a big blow for Microsoft since it has been pushing ”Metro” for the last year.

Source: TheVerge

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