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The new ultraportable budget laptop market is flourishing and ASUS Eee PC has played an important part here. So far it has been cruising the market as the sole dominator, but the competition is starting to catch up and there are plenty of competing companies that are planning to launch budget laptops of their own very soon. It’s almost like we’re reporting about new Eee PC competitor every week and this time it’s OEM giant ECS, which has presented its G10IL. ECS has unveiled quite a lot of details about its ultraportable PC, which will come in two flavors; one with an 8.2″ display and one with a slightly larger 10.2″ display.

As expected, ECS relies on Intel’s new Atom processor, also known as Silverthorne. Intel has already revealed a lot of details on this processor series and we’re expecting a flood of Eee PC clones in the near future. ECS hopes to attract its fair share through HSDPA 7.2, WiFi integrated webcam and SSD. More information on ECS G10IL can be found at ECS’ website.


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