Motherboard makers like most PC actors have seen a luke warm interest for new products in last quarter. Things are so bad that new sources suggest that the companies are forced to revise their expected numbers and the expected growth is now in single digits, if even that.

Sources in the Taiwanese motherboard market says the majority of motherboard makers have seen lower sales than expected in early Q3 Due to a shaky economic climate in Europe and USA, and while waiting for China’s DIY market to pick up again most companies are revising their growth prognoses. Earlier most manufacturers were aiming for a sales boost of 10-15% over Q2 2012. Numbers that are now down to single digits and some are not even up to that.

The first half of 2012 motherboard giant Asustek Computer shipped 11 million motherboards while number two Gigabyte Technology noted a sale of 9 million motherboards. Behind the two we find Biostar with its 2.1 million boards has lost 30 percent of its sales since last year.

Motherboard makers are expected to get a strong finish of Q3, but not even that will be enough to save the numbers and previous prognoses. If Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8 will result in a positive effect on motherboard sales remains to be seen, but the new operating system will arrive in early Q4.

Source: DigiTimes

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