Small preview imageMSI Geminium-Go MXM SLI is truly unique graphic card and to those who are not familiar with this card it may look a bit weird. MSI has namely created something as unique as a desktop graphic card that uses mobile MXM graphic circuits. MXM is a standardized format that NVIDIA launched for the mobile market to improve backwards compatibility and upgrade possibilities with portable computers when it comes to the graphic circuits. Just as connecting a PCI Express graphic card in a desktop computer you can insert and exchange a MXM graphic card in a portable computer without having to exchange the entire motherboard platform.

This means that mobile graphic circuits isn’t necesserily bound to the mobile platform, something MSI has taken advantage of. It has thus created a desktop graphic card where you insert not one but two MXM modules. In turn this means that you can get an SLI graphic card based on mobile graphic circuits. Why anyone would want that and how such a solution performs has been tested over at HardwareZone where they have done a preview of this misterious graphic card. It is going to be interesting to see how this market develop and if mobile graphic circuit can reach the same success on the desktop market as the mobile processors have.

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