MSI has officially launched the N480GTX Lightning, based on NVIDIA’s GF100 GPU, that has already claimed numerous world records in the hands of multiple overclockers, including our own team. The card comes with a tailored circuit board and ridiculously powerful power supply.

MSI N480GTX Lightning ships from factory with a GPU clock frequency of 750 MHz while the CUDA cores shuffle data at 1500 MHz. The 1536 MB large GDDR5 graphics memory operate at 4000 MHz, which is slightly higher than the reference; 700/1400/3696 MHz.

MSI has supplied the graphics card with a massive 16-phase power supply that can handle currents up to 480 Ampere, which is practically three times as much as the 154A of the reference card.



The circuit board is slightly higher than the average card and comes with three PCIe power connectors, two 8-pin and one 6-pin, the latter dedicated to the memories. MSI has equipped N480GTX Lightning with measuring spots for voltages and you can change voltages for GPU, Minne and PLL in Afterburner.

Other noteworthy components include copper MOSFETs for better capacity and lower temperatures, proadlizer capacitors, dual BIOS circuits and levers for improving performance under extreme cold LN2).

The graphics card has already been pushed to 1450 MHz on the GPU by our own NHOC team member Henry ”ME4ME” de Kruijf and even if far from all cards will reach these frequencies few have the same potential as MSi N480GTX Lightning, which Jon ”elmor” Sandström can strengthen with his 3Dmark Vantage world record.




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