MSI is, like many others, waiting for Intel to finalize the LGA2011 socket platform and bundled Intel X79 chipset. During IDF 2011 MSI decided to show two of its coming X79 motherboards, MSI X79A-GD65/GD45, and the all new UEFI BIOS that, among others, has its own browser.

MSI has already ventured into the EFI pond, but its ClickBIOS has been getting some critique. With Intel X79 it intends to put things right and do it with ClickBIOS II. MSI has developed a whole new interface for the UEFI BIOS where it will use a more intuitive layout with stylish design and larger menus. Besides mouse support there a whole lot of goodies, including an integrated version of Live Update that can update the motherboard software from UEFI BIOS without ever booting the computer and downloading files in Windows.


MSI has even added its own browser to UEFI BIOS that you can use as a back door into the Windows installation or the system if it makes a fuss. The exact functionality was not revealed, but you will be able to browser the web and download updates.

MSI’s new X79 motherboard will sport everything from PCI Express 3.0 to overclocking functions directly on the board. The gigantic LGA2011 socket houses Intel’s new Sandy Bridge-E-processors and four memory modules, two on each side of the socket.


Intel will launch the LGA2011 platform in Q4 and then will know more about MSI’s motherboard.

Source: Engadget

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